What We Do

Impacting Lives Through Agriculture 

We Vet Opportunities. We Share Opportunities. We Create Partnerships.

Before you invest, our team has evaluated the opportunities and brought forward those most likely to succeed. 

After you make the investment, our team continues to work with the local operator to help insure the expected results are achieved.

What you do

Impacting Lives Through Investment 

You Invest. You Create Opportunity. You Empower.

When you invest in a project sponsored by AgGrandize, you are engaging in a partnership that enables local farmers and operators to compete and provide for their local markets. 

The Why

There are approximately 500 million smallholder farmers in the developing world, operating farms under 13 acres, and serve an important role in food systems.  These farmers have 3 main needs:  access to capital, agronomic expertise and access to better markets. 


Capital: these farmers often lack the capital needed to purchase quality seed, fertilizer, and other inputs, to maximize yields and their profitability. According to the World Bank there is a $200 billion shortfall to fund the current financial needs of farmers in developing/frontier countries.

Agronomic Expertise: many times these farmers also lack expertise in the most current agronomic practices. Our team of experts works directly with the farmer to manage the crop throughout the growing season. Engagement at this level yields a higher success rate both for the farmer and the investor.

Better Markets:  there is often an opportunity to take the crop to the next step in the value chain through local ag business by processing it for food or feed which can increase profits for the farmer.