Farmers for Farmers



Humble and hard-working, it’s farmers who make our way of life possible.

Give them a few inches of topsoil and some rain, and they’ll give you whole civilizations.

As a community, we farmers aren’t the loudest. We aren’t hasty. We prefer to get our work done, support our family and neighbors, and make sure everyone has enough to eat.

At AgGrandize Global, we believe the world runs on farming, and the global farming community has never been more poised to create positive change than right now. When farmers around the world work together, life in whole towns and villages gets better. When the global agricultural community shares resources, insights, and training, our quality of life goes up. Farmers make our world safer, more stable.

This spring, we’re working to get seed into the ground to make sure farmers yield a crop later in the year. With the outbreak of COVID-19, borders closing, and nations stockpiling food, many developing countries could face food shortages and starvation.

Will you help these farmers plant in time? 

$50 will sponsor an acre for a farmer, or you can sponsor an entire 10 acre farm at $500.

There has never been a better time to invest in agriculture for good. Help support farmers from across the globe to fight, prepare, and harvest the food our communities need by donating below.


Central Asia


A $50 contribution creates the opportunity for a farmer in Kyrgyzstan to transform one acre of land into a high-earning crop. The $50 covers the cost of seed and other inputs for one acre.


400 acres of soybean production 

Mechanics of Relationship:

Donations to this project are used to purchase high-quality seed and other crop inputs and distributed to farmers as a zero-interest line of credit. When the farmer brings their harvest to our local partners, the $50 is returned to AgGrandize to be used for future initiatives.