Grain Storage Project Phase 2


Adding grain storage capacity will greatly increase Oasis Agro's ability to buy and store locally produced grain. Additional grain storage will increase the number of local farmers the operation is able to directly work with.


Osh & Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 


 Build one 25,000 bushel grain bins in partnership with our on the ground partners, Natural Agro.


This project will kick off towards the end of July 2019.


AgGrandize gathered a group of volunteers to partner with Oasis Agro by providing a workforce to reassemble 3 grain bins at two processing sites in Osh & Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The grain bins have been dismantled and are to be packed into a shipping container and shipped to Kyrgyzstan. Upon arrival, a team of volunteers will travel to Kyrgyzstan to rebuild the bins for use of Natural Agro.

The $14,000 represents the funds raised by our volunteers from Mound City, Kansas to cover the cost of transportation and additional on the ground expenses. 




  • Grain storage is extremely limited in the country. 
  • Without proper storage, our partners in Osh and Bishkek are limited with how much local grain they can purchase from local farmers, limiting the number of farmers they can work directly with.
  • Current grain storage options are less than ideal from a cost perspective and off higher risk of loss and spoilage. 


  • Donation based project
  • Storgage is going to a well established operater with a strong histroy.