Greenveld Farm, Kenya


Greenveld Farm is an operating 20-acre farm that is leased on a long-term lease from the Chirchir family by the Cheplaskei Rural Transformational Project. The project seeks to build the capacity of the community enhancing their ability to live dignified lives. We endeavor to do this through strengthening their social and economic livelihoods in ways that are culturally relevant and sensitive.  There have been successful interactions with the community through entrepreneurship trainings, agricultural demonstrations, beekeeping trainings and poultry raising. 

The area is made up of people from different ethnic groups but a majority being the Kalenjin. The residents of this area are mostly small-scale farmers engaging in crop and animal farming while others have ventured into small holder businesses. 

We propose the development of a fully operational dairy farm that will allow opportunities for income generating activities that will support the funding of both the outreach and farm activities. The farm will also act as a resource farm that will give opportunity for area farmers to walk in and get trainings and also knowledge to help them in their own farming operation.

The weekly and daily interactions have proved to be very helpful and eye opening to what gaps are in the community and how can they be addressed. One need of the community that can be addressed is that of poverty. With continuous trainings and mentorship there is an opportunity to grow different households’ incomes and to help them be self-reliant and sustain livelihood.


20-acre farm, rural Cheplaskei located about 21 kilometers from Eldoret in western Kenya



To develop a training farm to research and demonstrate economically and environmentally sound agricultural and animal husbandry practices.  The goal would be for families to improve their income and make better use of their available resources; for farm manager trainees to gain practical farm management skills, through hands-on training, training schools, and mentorship.  This would mainly involve crop and vegetable production, dairy, poultry, and bee keeping.


This is a multi-year project with the goal to develop a profitable farming operation that will support the training aspect of the project.  Funding sought is for first year development expenditures.  Additional funding will be sought for cow purchases year 2 and year 3.



This project will provide agricultural training to improve the income produced on local subsistence farms so families have food security, school fees and basic needs. Young ag managers will gain practical experience and expertise that they can carry with them to other rural areas.

Mechanics of Relationship:

This project is seeking funding to develop Greenveld Farm into a community training and resource center. Funding is needed for first year expenses including the purchase of additional dairy cows and feed, rent of the farm and facilities, crop inputs, and capital expenditures for a tractor.  The project will partner with other funding sources for a portion of these funds and for funding for the training aspect of the project.