Sinjar, Iraq Water Well Project


After enduring genocide in 2014, the Yazidi people—a unique ethno-religious group from Northern Iraq—hope to return home and rebuild their lives, but first they must have access to clean water. 

Water is essential for food production, greenhouses, orchards, livestock as well as cement for rebuilding. This project will fund water infrastructure and food production for approximately 2,500 families. With each family averaging 8-10 people, that means 20,000-25,000 impacted people


Sinjar, Iraq


In 2014, ISIS made headlines after capturing Iraq’s second city of Mosul. They exterminated Shias, expulsed Christians from their homeland, and then set their sights on the peaceful Yazidis of Sinjar Mountain for genocide. 

These peaceable people were murdered en masse,  taken as sex slaves, and hundreds of thousands fled into Syria, Turkey, or the Kurdish region of Iraq—years later, tens of thousands of Yazidis are still waiting to return home.  The ISIS genocide left towns, villages, and farms destroyed, and families are asking for help to rebuild. We plan to offer that help by rebuilding water infrastructure.

Our goal is to build 22 water wells in the Sinjar region to stimulate the rebuilding process and allow more families to return home, rebuild, and begin planting crops again.




This project will fund water infrastructure and food production for approximately 2,500 families.  With each family averaging 8-10 in number, your giving will impact 20,000-25,000 people.


Feb-May 2020

Key Performance Indicator

A drilled and functional water well with operating management handed over to local authorities and a completed Phase 2 plan that includes an economic development plan.